Our Story

Est. 2017

I started brewing Jun-Kombucha in our kitchen after years of working in the beverage industry. I fell in love with Jun after trying it at a gathering in 2016. At the time I was drinking Kombucha on a daily basis, and becoming intrigued by the health benefits. The first thing I noticed about Jun, was that it tasted so much better than Kombucha, and I loved the added benefits of raw honey. I quickly became a loyal Jun drinker and started to dream of more selection on the shelf of my local Whole Foods in Bellingham, WA. A year later, I was experimenting with brewing Jun in my own kitchen and sharing it with friends at potlucks. My partner Molly was also a long-time kombucha brewer turned Jun loyalist. With her background in ferments and herbalism, we connected immediately on the idea of starting a Jun brand unlike any other. After friends started showing up on my doorstep with empty jugs asking to be filled, we knew that it was time to make this dream a reality, and together with Molly, launched our own brand of Jun-Kombucha. 


Being athletes, climbers, foragers, and yogis had sent us in search of immune boosting herbs, as well as those that support the nervous system. After building our brewery we began infusing adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms like Reishi, Lion's Mane, Chaga, Nettle, and Ashwagandha into our Jun. This brought an added medicinal component and one that fit in with our active lifestyle. We are committed to sharing and educating our customers about the benefits of adaptogens, and how they can reduce stress and fatigue. Water is our primary ingredient, and we were lucky enough to find a location near Leavenworth, WA. Where the water abundantly flows from glacial melt and into our brew Kettle.



Three years later, we are committed to providing the highest quality, best-tasting Jun for our customers. We source our organic ingredients from ethical suppliers (locally when available), operate out of our own zero-waste brewery, and as members of 1% for the planet & the save the bee initiative, we consider the environmental and social impact of each business decision we make. We are proud of the growth we have experienced within our team and our customer base. Our vision is still clear: to make authentic Jun-Kombucha that radically improves the health of all who drink it. We would love for you to join us in creating a healthier world.

With honey in our hearts,


Beau Carrillo, Co-Founder & CEO

Bee Well & Thrive

Adaptogenic Herbs and Mushrooms
Holding Vision
Giving back to
Mother Earth

Supporting the environment is at the heart of each decision we make. We actively donate our time and resources to organizations that educate and facilitate restoring Honey Bee populations. As well as waste management and recycling efforts in our local community. As a member of the 1% for the planet, we are proud to donate 1% of our annual revenue to these causes. Each time you purchase Huney Jun, you are also co-creating a thriving environment for future generations.