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Founders Story

I started brewing Jun-Kombucha in my kitchen after years of working in the craft beverage industry. At the time I was drinking Kombucha on a daily basis, and becoming intrigued by the health benefits. As my interest grew I realized that the Cane Sugar in the Kombucha I was drinking went against the products proposed benefit to gut health, and could have even been worsening my gut health all together. So when I saw a honey based probiotic tonic with the name "Jun-kombucha" on the shelf of a specialty food store, I jumped at the chance to try it. The first thing I noticed about Jun was that it tasted so much better than Kombucha, no pungent sour taste. I also loved the added benefits of Raw Honey. Which is known to be Prebiotic and improve allergy response. In fact Raw Honey is extremely hard to put into any ready to eat food or beverage, only the Jun culture and our fermentation process allow for the incredible health benefits of Raw Honey to be preserved and safe to consume in a raw-unpasteurized beverage. All of these advantages quickly added up, and I became a loyal Jun drinker. A year later, I was experimenting with brewing Jun in my own kitchen and sharing it with friends at potlucks. My co-founder Molly was also a long-time entrepreneur and kombucha brewer turned Jun enthusiast. With her background in fermentation and herbalism, we connected immediately on the idea of starting a Jun brand unlike any other. We started increasing our batch size at home, built a kegerator from spare parts, and refined some of the flavors you see in grocery stores today. 

Being athletes, climbers, foragers, and yogis had sent us in search of immune boosting herbs, as well as those that support the nervous system. After building our brewery we began infusing adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms like Reishi, Lion's Mane, Chaga, Nettle, and Ashwagandha into our Jun. This brought an added medicinal component and one that fit in with our active lifestyle. We are committed to sharing and educating our customers about the benefits of adaptogens, and how they can reduce stress and fatigue. 

Five years later, we are wholeheartedly committed to providing the highest quality, best-tasting Jun to our customers. We source our organic ingredients from ethical suppliers (locally when available), operate out of our zero-waste brewery, all the while considering the environmental and social impact of each business decision we make. Our team is creating some of the most innovative products related to gut health on the market, launching Huney Nectar this year, a line of probiotic herbal honey. We continue to make annual donations to the Save the Bee initiative in Eugene, Oregon, who greatly impact research on colony collapse disorder. Our vision is still clear: to make authentic Jun that radically improves the health of all who drink it. We would love for you to join us in creating a healthier world.

With honey in our hearts,


Beau Carrillo, Co-Founder & CEO

Adaptogenic Herbs and Mushrooms
Holding our Vision
Our Commitment To Future Generations

Supporting the environment is at the heart of each business decision we make. We actively donate our time and resources to organizations that educate and facilitate restoring Honey Bee populations. As well as waste management and recycling efforts in our local community. Each time you purchase Huney Jun, you are also co-creating a thriving environment for future generations.

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