The Alchemy of Huney Jun

100% Raw & Probiotic

Ginger Sasparilla

Ginger Sarsaparilla is a potent blend of Ginger, Vanilla bean, and Sarsaparilla root. A nostalgic flavor profile with a new age twist that will leave you asking why Sarsaparilla root isn't nearly as common these days. The added curative effects of Reishi & Lions Mane mushrooms uplifts brain function and strengthens the symbiotic-link between our gut and mind. 

Lavender Berry

The Lavender Berry is a floral blend of Elderberry, Hawthorn Berry and relaxing Lavender petals. Elderberry has long been considered a potent natural medicine, often growing in our back yard in plain site. Its combination with Hawthorn berry keeps you relaxed, and opens the pathways of the circulatory system. This brew focuses on cultivating radiant health from within, so that it may shine outward.

Jasmine Rose

 Jasmine Rose is akin to a field of flowers in full bloom. Combining Jasmine, Rose Petals, Chamomile, and Hibiscus Flower it brings a delightful floral-feminine-tingle to your taste buds. Ashwagandha gently vitalizes the nervous system for clean, sustained energy to uplift your entire day. 

Pear Lime

Pear Nettle is a unique blend that encompasses classic northwest flavors. Nettle has been used for centuries as a common medicine because of its high mineral content, potent green essence, and respiratory support. We decided it was time for a Nettle come-back. This brew promotes expansive opening of the lungs, allowing deeper intake of prana (Life-Force Energy). Hit the trail or yoga mat and remember to keep breathing. 

Raw Honey

This is the original Jun Tea and the foundation of our offerings. Often called the "Champagne" of Kombuchas, it is crafted to be simple and pure. This traditional recipe aids in digestion, gut-health, and boosts the immune system.  

Blueberry Ginger

Chaga mushroom grows exclusively on Birch trees. We merged them back together with Blueberry & Ginger to provide a gentle, earthy, yet powerful immune boost. Rich in body and light in essence, this flavor is a refreshing combination of unique earth medicines. 

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