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Huney Jun Mid-Summer Roundup!

We have had a great summer so far with lots of brewing, brainstorming new product ideas and vendoring at local farmer’s markets! Lots of exciting things coming up for our brand and we wanted to let you know about a few of them! Thank you for all of your wonderful support and love for Huney Jun!

As you know, we are available in a number of places across Washington State, down the West Coast and across the country including New York and Hawaii! Make sure to check out the location map on our website. Some of the larger grocery store chains we are available at on the west side of Washington include PCC, Metropolitan Market, Town and Country Markets, and NOW QFC!

Metropolitan Market now has our 64 oz bottles in popular flavors, Raw Honey and Jasmine Rose, along with all of the flavors in 12 oz bottles.

We are super excited to hit the shelves of QFC, A huge hit for us as a brand and popular grocery store throughout the northwest. This is our first Kroger chain to accept our brand, and we are stoked to expand to more chains in the coming years with Kroger. check for a QFC near you!

Another exciting summer Event for those of you in SoCal, is the sponsorship of Rock n Roll, a skating vacay in Los Angeles, hosted by the talented Lisa Konczal. This fun retreat is full of roller skating, sunshine and fun treats given by sponsors. Make sure to check this skating retreat out if you are interested in this event!

Again, Thank you for being a part of our family, stay tuned for some very exciting new product launches coming up!

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