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Mountain Water & Structured Water

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

Water may be much more than we originally thought, according to UW professor, Dr. Pollack.

Structured Water

Mountain water is an integral part of Huney Jun. Our water flows directly from the Cascade mountains via the Wenatchee River. The opportunity to use this mountain water is special to us and our customers. The water we use is considered structured in form as it i flows directly from an unadulterated mountain flow. Structured water is an incredible new discovery being studied extensively for its health benefits. It is also referred to as hexagonal water, being that it’s structure is in a hexagonal cluster. Naturally occurring streams and rivers are abundant sources of structured water as they are usually fed by glacial melt or snow melt at their sources. We believe in the health benefits of structured water, and the results of the research being done is astounding to say the least.

Why is it Special?

What makes structured water so interesting is the theory behind it. Scientists believe that it’s better for your body and healthier overall due to its ability to better absorb into the walls of our cells. Structured water occurs naturally in untouched water sources like snow and glacial melt. Many people believe that you can change regular water into structured water through exposing water to ultraviolet light, natural heat, magnets, or storing it in gemstone water bottles. Some of the believed benefits of structured water include: increase of energy, weight loss, benefits memory/concentration, promotes sleep, helps the immune system and much more. This is why we believe we are so lucky to use mountain water from the Wenatchee River in our Jun.

UW Professor, Dr. Gerald Pollack, has been researching structured water for over a decade, now concluding quite surprisingly that water is not a liquid at all. He has worked in depth with structured water, claiming it does not have the same properties as regular water, or as he calls it, bulk water. He found that structured water is what’s found most abundantly in our cells, which is why structured water works wonders for the human body. Learn more about Dr. Pollack’s research at

Our Water Source

The Wenatchee River flows directly from the Cascade Mountains. It is fed by the Glacier Peak and Alpine Lakes wilderness. Much of this water is used for agriculture and to power hydroelectric dams further downstream in the Columbia River. Some of the tributaries that feed into the Wenatchee river include the Chiwawa River, little Wenatchee, White River, Nason Creek, Peshastin Creek, and Icicle Creek. Our brewery is located just outside of Leavenworth in Peshastin, as close as we could get to the source of this incredible sparkling mountain water.

Our Jun

Water is the base of our product, and arguably the most important ingredient in our Jun. Our founders, Beau and Molly, wanted to situate the brewery with direct access to mountain water, and as close to glacial melt as possible. They were able to find a location in Peshastin, a neighboring town of Leavenworth, with incredible water that flows directly from the mountains year round. Not only is it a sustainable water source that flows in abundance, it is also glacial melt from several glaciers from deep in the cascades.


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