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Save the Bee Partnership

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

What's all the Buzz about?

The Save the Bee Initiative is a chain of businesses, consumers, researchers and beekeepers working together to fund research on causes of declining bee populations, increase the awareness of the role honey bees play in a healthy food supply and provide education on best practices for beekeepers, farmers and gardeners.

As of right now, according to Glory Bee’s website, there has been an annual population loss of about 40% nationally. With this loss, we need to act now in order to save honey bees. Honey bees don’t only help Huney Jun make jun-kombucha they help pollinate and help make fruits and vegetables we eat everyday. According to Glory Bee, honey bees are responsible for 80% of agricultural pollination. The decline of honey bees can be attributed to pesticides, loss of habitat and parasites. If this population decline keeps continuing soon our food supply will also decline.

With this in mind we hope that we can work together with our customers and everyone here at Huney Jun to help make a change and be conscious of what we can do to give back to the honey bee population.

To learn more about Save the Bee and Glory Bee visit their website at


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