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For the Honey Lover

Huney Jun, Nectar, and Hard Jun Kombucha are fermented with Raw Honey and infused with super-herbs and mushrooms known as adaptogens


Jun Kombucha

Taste the Difference

Jun is the name of the culture, or SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast), we use to ferment our product. A cousin to Kombucha cultures, Jun cultures only survive in the presence of Raw Honey and green tea. Huney Jun is brewed in the heart of the Cascade Mountains of Washington State with mountain water. Our small batch production process utilizes only USDA organic Raw Honey to ferment and sweeten our brews.

Each flavor is also infused with adaptogenic super-herbs, mushrooms, and botanicals. Known to boost immunity, lower internal stress response, and keep you thriving. Our probiotics form naturally during fermentation and are never compromised during the flavoring or bottling process. Unpasteurized, probiotic, craft, and

absolutely delicious.


Huney Nectar

Herbal Honey

Transform your cup of tea or coffee into a delicious herbal elixir.

We've gone beyond probiotics with our Jun-Kombucha, adding medicinal-grade mushrooms and herbs. Our new line of Honey is also packed with medicinal mushrooms, herbs, and heat-resistant DE-111 spore probiotics.


We focused on using herbs and mushrooms that reduce inflammation, stress in the body, and those praised for their healing qualities. A spoon full a day in your tea or coffee replaces your daily herbal supplement and probiotic needs. But for us, the taste is just as powerful. Our honey is sourced from sustainable organic apiaries and is of the highest quality, totally raw and unprocessed.


Hard Jun Kombucha

Catch a Better Buzz

Experience the ultimate Euphoria of Huney Hard Jun Kombucha. Made with the finest raw honey, our probiotic-rich Jun Kombucha is infused with organic adaptogens, botanicals, and medicinal mushrooms, all elevated with organic spirits. Our carefully curated blend provides a functional herbal delivery that’s free of added cane sugar so you can enjoy a healthier and more invigorating experience for any occasion. With every sip, nourish your body, uplift your mind, and treat your taste buds to a thoughtfully crafted brew that will leave you blissfully satisfied.

Launching Summer 2023!


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