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Huney Jun Kombucha

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Please carefully read the details for billing and shipping below before subscribing. *Huney Jun is not responsible for shipments received when you are out of town resulting in over-carbonated product. If you foresee this becoming an issue, please just order as you need instead of subscribing. 
Single Case | 12 Pack $42.00 (+ $18 for Hemp)
Two Cases $76.00 (+ $17 for Hemp)
Three Cases $108.00 (+ $14 for Hemp)

Please read below before subscribing

Billing: Your first payment is due at sign up. This payment is for the first shipment of your subscription. It will be shipped within 5-7 business days. You will then be automatically charged your monthly fee and shipped your orders on the same day that you signed up each month until you cancel your subscription. The intro commitment is three months after signing up and you then have the  choice to cancel or continue. 
Billing Example: You sign up on the 16th of May. You recieve your first Shipment the following week,   Your second payment/shipment will occur on the 16th of June, and so on. 

Shipping: We charge a flat rate of $18 per case on all orders. This includes the extra packaging and cold packs. We place cold packs around the product to keep it cold on it's journey. Please open and refrigerate the bottles when you get them. Jun does not spoil, and it will only become slightly more carbonated if it warms up and continues to ferment in the bottle. Cool them off and enjoy!

Contact: If you experience any problems, or have any question please reach out to us. 
Phone: 509-863-5895

Thank you! 

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