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Bee Well & Thrive!

We start by blending organic Imperial Green Tea and Organic Clover Honey with our Jun culture. Jun Cultures are a rarity, only able to survive in the elements of Raw Honey and Green Tea, while producing huge amounts of probiotic bacteria during the fermentation process. Using a "cold-brew" method for our tea steeps allows for a gentle release of flavor, resulting in a smooth body with reduced bitterness. We are committed to our small batch fermentation. When complete, we infuse each flavor with the finest adaptogenic Herb decoctions that are designed to target stress and increase your daily calm. 



Through 1% for the Planet we pollinate Save the Bee with our abundance.

The Making of Huney Jun

100% Raw & Probiotic

What is 

Jun, Pronounced (Joon) is the Honey lovers Kombucha. It has a culture that thrives on Raw Honey and Green Tea. With mysterious origins dating back to a time unknown, Jun cultures are believed to have been used to make a well respected health tonic in what is modern day Tibet. Today, our recipe remains simple like the one used by original Jun-Kombucha brewers atop the high plateaus and great Mountain Ranges of the Himalya. But we like to think even the monks would enjoy a touch of Ginger - Sarsaparilla in their daily elixer of life! 

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