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Bee Well & Thrive!

Drink Kombucha  made with Honey!

Through 1% for the Planet we pollinate Save the Bee with our abundance.

The Making of Huney Jun

100% Raw & Probiotic

What is 

Jun, Pronounced (Joon) is the Honey lovers Kombucha. It has a culture that thrives on Raw Honey and Green Tea. With mysterious origins dating back to a time unknown, Jun cultures are believed to have been used to make a well respected health tonic in what is modern day Tibet. Today, our recipe remains simple like the one used by original Jun-Kombucha brewers atop the high plateaus and great Mountain Ranges of the Himalya. But we like to think even the monks would enjoy a touch of Ginger - Sarsaparilla in their daily elixer of life! 

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